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When the Check In's Stop

There could be many reasons on why your friends have stopped checking in on you after a loss. Please don't take this as a sign that they don't care about what you are going through.

They may simply be busy with their own lives, and we can feel resentful that they get to continue with their happy life, while ours is in chaos.

They may not be sure what to say or how to help. As a society, we are really Bad at doing grief and the hard stuff! So many of us have been told to push on, and don’t know any different.

Some friends can only participate in the good, fun stuff. Dealing with someone else’s heavy emotions might be too much for them (but hey, we are the ones going through this right?!)

Having regular check ins is lovely. You may find you sound like a broken record, I’m fine, I’m not ok today… having a support network is so important during intense Grief.

Check ins taper off way too early than they should. I’m guilty of this myself. Send a message to a friend when you can, simply saying “I’m thinking of you” can open the doors to communication and support.

Finding Pet Loss Support Groups (there are more out there than you know!) or asking for one on one help if you need

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