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When Should I Get Another Pet?

This is a tricky question, which does not have a black or white answer.

It depends...

It depends on your family unit. All members of the family need to be considered. My advice would be to hold an open discussion about each other’s fears and expectations.

One person may be more reluctant to invite a new pet in, for the fear of being hurt again. They may have had a stronger bond to the deceasedpet than their siblings. We should never force a new pet on anyone until they are ready to embrace that new animal.

Take time to grieve your loss. You can’t start a new relationship (human or animal) if you haven’t fully healed from the previous one. There is no time limit, and no judgement. Whether you wait 2 weeks, or 20 years, you can never Replace a beloved pet, and You will never forget the bond you have with your pet.

What are the reasons for getting another pet?

Is it because it feels lonely to come home to an empty house?

Was your pet a support animal for a family member?

Could it be for protection? Having a dog around makes you feel safe?

Maybe it’s because other pets in the house are confused about why the dynamics in the house have changed?

For single people, you may be worried that you are ‘cheating on your pet’ by allowing another into your life. Or the fear of being hurt deeply again.

Test the waters... several of my neighbours have recently adopted puppies, and as much as I love being in their company, I am not quite ready to make that commitment. Time does play a part, it’s been 4 months since Opie died, however, when my cats passed, I waited about two weeks to introduce a new kitten into the family, mainly because my other cat was lonely.

I honestly believe, your heart and mind will intuitively know when the time is right... it will Feel like the right thing to do.


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