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What's Your Grief?

This isn’t the prettiest or best edited Venn diagram, but it’s important to know that you may experience grief from secondary losses (or shadow loss).

Things like; losing your way, your purpose for getting up in the morning, for going on a walk.

The loss of Friendships such as with your dog groomer, pet sitter, vet team. People and other animals that you would interact with on a regular basis, becomes less frequent or can disappear.

A big one is the loss of our companion. So many of our gorgeous pets take on the role of confidant, cheerer upperer, support animal, the one we go to when we are having a rough day and need a waggily tail or a lick on the face to make us feel better.

Following a loss, You may be feeling sad, overwhelmed, in pain and not really sure why that is. Be mindful of what your secondary losses are, and see if that could be an explanation on why you are feeling this way.

Help is always close by

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