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Should I Give Their Toys Away?

This question gets asked a lot....

When should I tidy up the house? What do I do with their bed? Should I donate his toys or give them away?

My honest advice is to follow your heart

With some pets, like my household, there is a bed in almost every room of the house! So if you are tripping over them, in the absence of not have your pet, then, maybe putting them to the side... FOR NOW might be the better option.

If looking at their belongings is too painful right now, consider boxing them up.... For Now... and you can revisit them when you are ready.

For things like food and medicine that may have an expiry date, consider taking them back to the vet, (some may be able to credit you the cost depending on what it is) or donating them to a charity.

And their Toys... I have kept his favourites. His special tennis ball , squeaky santa and a soft toy that I can hold and hug, if I am having a moment. I have also kept his lead and collar and his favourite winter jacket (zebra print!)

There are no rules. You don’t “have to get Rid of” anything!!

My suggestion is to make three boxes.

One with things that do not have sentimental value and can be donated One with Things you definitely want to keep, And one for the I’m not sure.

You will notice I have said “For Now”

There is no rush. When you are Ready, you will know what to keep. A bit like the Marie Kondo philosophy, hold it to your heart and if it makes your heart ping, I say you should keep it.

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