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Remembering Dexter

Today, I made someone cry…

I recognised a lady who came into the clinic, and automatically called her “Dexter’s Mum”…

I could see delight but also pain on her face…

Dexter was euthanised a few weeks ago, I wasn’t present, but I did remember seeing a package, with his name on the reception desk. His ashes.

Dexter’s mum apologised for crying, and said, “I thought I would be over this by now”.

I assured her, it was ok to show her feelings, and it had only been a number of weeks, of course little moments are going to come and go, and cause emotions, both happy and sad.

We reminisced together, when Dexter came in for his vet visits… he would watch the tv in the waiting room, with much interest. We even joked about the time it was turned off, he was so confused! Where’s the show?

Even though she has a second dog, she will always be “Dexter’s mum” to me. I never want to forget their memory. They were here, they were important, we should still talk about them and remember their story.

Please don’t feel embarrassed or apologise for showing your true emotions about your pets.

You don’t hide your love when they are with us. You still love them when they have passed.

Rest easy Mr Dexter

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