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Preparing to Say Goodbye

So, my beautiful boy, Opie, is not doing so great ☹️ His spinal problems are really affecting his mobility, and I am now faced with the real possibility of having to Euthanise him in the next few weeks.

✅ we are constantly checking his daily routine with the quality of life scale

✅ we are completing his bucket list

✅ we have a plan for the perfect ‘last day’

The thought of losing him is tearing me apart, but I have no regrets. We have had The Most Amazing (and sometimes trying) times together. He has made me a better vet nurse and taught me so much about dog behaviour. We have had many adventures together.He is my heart dog. 💙

I plan to spend whatever time he has left, with dignity, fun and as pain free as possible. I have to put his needs before my own.I know I will miss him like crazy.

But for now we are living life like someone left the gate open 🐾 #yolo

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