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Pet Bereavement Leave

Taking time off work when you have lost a family member is normal right?

Well, yes, if that family member is a human than it is more acceptable to ask for bereavement leave.

I feel this is really unfair for those of us that treat our pets as part of the family!

I know it may not always be possible, (understaffed, unpaid leave) but I would encourage you, if you are going through a recent loss, to take some time away from work.

Our minds are often not on the work task at hand, and depending on your job, it could be dangerous if you made a mistake. Our concentration is clouded by a grief brain fog. All we can focus on are thoughts of our pet and trying not to cry.

But I realise too, that staying at home may not always be the easiest option, surrounded by their things, staring into the backyard where they always used to play.

Do what’s right for you. Whether it’s Staying at a friends house for the night, or just snuggling under the doona for a day. Take a time out. And be kind to your heart

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