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On the Tenth Day of Griefmas

On the Tenth day of Griefmas, my true love gave to me…

Gratitude and Grounding

Now, before you come at me, I KNOW It’s super hard to find Gratitude in a world where your pet is not physically here. But hear me out.

What If you were to try an exercise for ten minutes… visualise your loved one.

Hold something of theirs if it feels comfortable. Take a deep breath in and out.

Start with saying, I am so grateful that [my pet’s name] came into my life.

I am grateful for all the unconditional love [my pet’s name] gave back to me.

I am forever grateful for the fun times we shared and the memories we have together.

You may find that the gratitude towards your pet will flow naturally.

Then give Grounding a go…

It’s the silly season so take time out to be in a quiet location, or have low frequency background music playing. Take off your shoes, and sink your feet into the grass, the beach sand, or in water. Let the sensation of the coolness seep through your toes. Enjoy this moment. This may bring back a memory of you being outside with your pet. Use this time to recharge, reset, and let any emotions that surface out.

Please let me know if this was helpful

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