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On the Sixth Day of Griefmas

On the Sixth day of Griefmas, my True Love gave to me…

Peaceful, Music Playing.

I used to love all of the Christmas songs and carols in the shopping centres and on the radio.. but now… hand me the Noise Cancelling Headphones!!!

I know I’m not the only one that cringes when they hear Mariah (sorry Emily!) and when I hear Wham!’s “Last Christmas” I am a blubbering mess.

What would happen if we had a different playlist for this season?

One that would bring a smile to our face and bring fond memories of our pets flooding back?

And look, it doesn’t even have to be peaceful.

I love the show Dead to Me starring Christina Applegate. When she needs to release some emotions, she sits in her car and blasts the heavy metal

Music can invoke so many feelings, if you are like me, you sing to your pets and change the lyrics to include them in the song!

Please let me know what is on your playlist

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