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On the Seventh Day of Griefmas

On the Seventh Day of Griefmas, my True Love gave to me… The ability to keep my grief moving

(Apologies in advance for the bad grammar!)

How do you keep your grief moving?

By engaging in something beautiful, creative, playing an instrument, painting, baking, moving your body.

By doing an activity that brings you joy, you will find yourself getting “in the zone”. How often have you been doing something you love, and then all of a sudden 2 hours has gone by? You are in the zone! You are enjoying yourself and the activity is easy.

When her beloved Beagle Ruby died, my teacher Cole Imperi started making daisy chains (middle picture). The Daisy was symbolic to her dog Ruby. Cole would spend several hours a week creating different colours and patterns, and ended up with so many, she sold them and donated the proceeds to charity.

So are you keeping your grief-a-moving? What activities do you participate in, that you can do for hours?

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