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On the Fourth Day of Griefmas

On the Fourth Day of Griefmas, my True Love Gave to Me

Kind, Gentle Words

We can be so mean to ourselves, feeling like we didn’t do enough for our pets while they were with us. Why did I have to go to work and leave them at home?

What if we were to change the narrative?

I was the Best Pet Parent I could be. I love and cared for my pet the best I could.

I would do anything for my animal companion.

I love my pet and my pet loves me. My pet knew I loved them unconditionally.

You wouldn’t use hurtful language to a child or friend who has lost a special someone, so why do we feel we can talk to ourselves that way, especially when we are so vulnerable?

If Christmas is the season for giving, How about we cut ourselves some slack, and try giving ourselves some kind words?

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