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On the Fifth Day of Griefmas

On the Fifth day of Griefmas my true love gave to me… 5 Golden Stages of Grief.

If you type the word Grief into your search engine, you will almost certainly see the mention of the Five, seven, or ten stages of Grief.

Although these phases exist, (denial, bargaining, anger, depression and acceptance) we can experience them in any order, or bypass them completely.

For someone who has made peace with their decision of helping their pet cross over to rainbow bridge, they may experience a sense of acceptance.

For others, they may be angry with the circumstances of how their pet died.

All feelings are valid.

Unfortunately there are no quick fixes in hurrying along the grieving process, and healing from a profound loss takes time. I can’t tell you a time limit as it is different for everyone.

Again, be kind to your heart, as a friend says, your loved one lives there.

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