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On the Eleventh Day of Griefmas

On the Eleventh Day of Griefmas, my True Love gave to me…

The Gift of Talking about my Pet

Pet Parents and Guardians talk about our animals the way human parents talk about their kids.

We talk about them because we are proud Mums and Dads.

We remember the funny things they got up to. Their mischievous ways.

We talk about our pets because, they existed!!

They were here, living their lives with us.

How lucky we are to have found them, and they find us.

We talk about them because they brought us so much happiness and joy.

Sooooo much unconditional love. They taught us how to be good people.

Never stop talking about your beautiful and much loved animal companions.

We Grieve because we love them and miss their physical presence.

Keep their stories alive by talking about them 💛

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