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Nope! Not Today

Nope! ❌👎

Nope, I couldn’t do it... Like many of you, by having a pet dog, it was an added incentive to go for walks, get some exercise and fresh air. It’s been 6 months since my last walk around the park... I feel like a slug. I had all good intentions to dodge the rain and get into some type of ‘fitness’ routine... but I just couldn’t. Fear... fear of the unknown, what to expect. We went to many different walking trails to keep it interesting. Am I going to be a blubbering mess as I walk around the park? Are people going to look at me funny? Will I Note every bush and pole that he pee’d on? Boredom... it’s so weird going for a walk WITHOUT a dog, am I right? What do people do? Do I listen to music, talk to someone on the phone? Listen to a podcast? It just seems like a foreign concept to me now... I’m sure it would be a bit easier if you went with a friend. Then you do have someone to talk to on your travels. I decided that ‘today, for now’ I’m not ready. I can’t put my finger on why exactly. I think I need baby steps. Next time, I was going to drive to the park, and sit in the car. Take a moment and note how I feel... then go from there. I am allowing to be gentle with myself, be kind and give myself a bit of a break. Some triggers we are not prepared for, and some we can control... I think I have found a big one! I would be interested in hearing your thoughts and experiences 💕

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