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Jake's Anniversary

Today marks 9 years since my ‘fur brother’ Jake gained his wings.

The dog that my mum didn’t really want, who ended up helping her through the darkest of times when my dad died in 2005.

She has never remarried, and although she has thought about it, for many, valid reasons, has never adopted another dog. (She has grand dogs and cats )

The Grief Recovery method says you can Never Replace a Loss of a loved one. But this doesn’t mean you can never love again.

Some people are very lucky and another pet comes into their life soon after, almost like divine timing. For Some, no matter how long they wait, the time is not quite right... myself included.

I would like to think that Jake and my dad were reunited at the Rainbow Bridge, and they are welcoming all those beautiful souls, your pets, as they cross the bridge and run through the gates.

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