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Happy World Veterinarian Day

Happy World Vet Day!!

What can I say? I freaking love my work family. These beautiful humans have been through hell and back... just this week, they have been verbally abused by clients because, by law, they have to see the patient before dispensing medication.

Vets and their staff are not punching bags. We have feelings too!

Vets are looking after multiple patients at a time, have to go from a devastating emergency, where we lost a patient, and put on a smile so they can vaccinate a puppy.

They work long hours and are rewarded by licks on the face, wagging tails and kitten purrs.

It is an extremely rewarding, but can be exhausting career.

Veterinary staff suicide is high in our profession. Because we care about your animals so deeply. We take it personally if the diagnosis is bad, if the surgery didn’t go as well as we hoped, if we could not save a life.

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