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Grieving a Bond with an Animal that is not yours

Last week, I presented a webinar about when you are grieving a pet that is not your own.

Yesterday, we lost a patient that many of the staff at Morley Vetcentre had been close to.

This week, we also lost Celebrity animals, such as ‘The Street cat named Bob’ and Sumatran Tiger, Dumai who lived at the Perth Zoo.

Although we may not have known them personally, we feel sadness, pain and sorrow hearing of their passing. When Grumpy Cat died, Facebook was flooded with tributes, pictures and lovely sentiments.

So how can you heal your heart after hearing the news of an animal you knew’s passing.

I think it’s important to acknowledge how you feel, either by writing it down, or speaking it out to someone.

Talk to your colleagues or friends who knew the animal. Share your lovely memories. It’s perfectly ok to cry it out, especially if you had been nursing the animal, or were close to the owner/carer.

Memorialise the animal, light a candle, say a prayer or poem, release bubbles or flowers into water.

This was my little tribute to Chev. You were a much loved fella. You will be missed by many xxx


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