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Griefy Feelings around Travel

Hands up if you have watched The White Lotus and fantasized about visiting beautiful islands and being carefree on holidays?

Now, if money was no problem, what is the single one thing that would stop you from going on the cruise around the world?

Leaving your pet's behind, right???

It is the biggest reason I don't like travelling too far from home, and I'm sure a lot of you feel the same.

So, what if your pet has passed?

Are you conflicted by feelings of wanting to go on this amazing adventure whilst feeling "guilty" at the thought of going?

Please know this is a normal response.

Many of us may have discovered extra income - because it is not being spent on medicines, appointments and procedures.

Don't get me wrong, we would spend anything needed, and do whatever it takes to make our pet's lives the best they can be, but it's weird right?

Some of us may not have had the opportunity to travel Because our pets were in need of a high-quality standard of care, that no boarding kennel or house sitter could provide.

If you do decide to go travelling, can you do something to respect your pet on the journey? Write their name in the sand on the beach in Hawaii. Make a donation in their honour at a pet sanctuary or shelter in another country.

Check out my Youtube on this topic too...

Have you felt this way? What did you find helped? I would be interested in your thoughts xxx

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