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G U I L T & G R I E F

It’s one of those emotions that often (but not always) comes up when I’m talking to pet parents.

I feel so guilty for.... The what if’s & if only’s circle around in ones mind.

The definition of Guilt is the INTENT to cause harm. I’m pretty confident in saying that it was not your intention for you pet to become sick, run away, or have a terrible accident. Guilt also implies we should be punished. Isn’t the loss of our pet punishment enough? I have been struggling to find a different word for Guilt. I notice that when I’m taking about something, instead, I will say “I feel terrible for...” Please know you did EVERYTHING you could, with the information you had at the time. Please don’t blame yourself. You loved your pet dearly & they loved you back, with everything they had. Big hugs xx Tracey 🌈🐾

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