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Dear Pet Parent

Dear Pet Parent

You did the Best you could for your pet, with the information you had at the time.

Read that again

Hindsight is a curse… if only I had done XYZ, I should have … and things might have turned out differently, I might have had more time.

It is normal and natural to have these thoughts when we are in shock, and grieving.

We always want to have as much time with our animal companions as possible.

Please know, your vet team, groomers, trainers, daycare staff, all have your pets best interest in mind.

We make important decisions with the information and advice we have, here and now.

Regret and Guilt can be a huge hurdle when we are grieving. It can be hard not to ruminate on the choices we made, or didn’t make.

The trick (and it is tricky!) is to be at peace with the path we chose.

Your pet would love you for all that you did for them, they are wonderful, forgiving creatures.

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