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Conflicting Feelings when Grieving

Have you ever had those conflicting feelings?? You miss you pet more than ever, but you also ‘enjoy the freedom’ you have. This doesn’t make you a bad person... it’s complicated. A bit long winded but I will try to explain my experience. I am lucky enough to have a pool in my backyard. If I used the pool, Opie would run around the outside, barking due to his anxiety, worried that I was drowning and then he would jump (or fall!) in. I tried to lock him inside, but that was even worse. He would panic, to the point it was dangerous, and I was concerned that he would hurt himself. So as I laid on my back, looking up to the sky, in the cool water, I did shed a tear. I miss him terribly, but it was the first time I was able to relax, and float, and just be. It may be that I change my mindset, and use my time in the pool as meditative, self care time, thinking of the fun times we had. Looking at the sky and thinking of him. Another example of this is for those who travel. The worst part about traveling is leaving your pets at home. It would be lovely to take them with us, and some do, in caravans, on the road, a bit trickier if you are flying overseas. I hear it often, Pet owners miss their boo, but they feel guilty or have mixed feelings that they can go on that trip that they have always planned, but put off because their pet needed medication, or care, or they just simply didn’t want to leave them. Like I said, it’s complicated, it’s not selfish, it doesn’t mean you didn’t care or love them. Have you felt like this?

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