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Choosing to Stay with Your Animal Companion during Euthanasia or Not

I was tagged in a post recently, so I thought i would share my reply.

It was stating that those who decide not to stay with their pet during their final goodbye, are cowards.

I strongly disagree.

In my experience as a vet nurse, I have heard many stories on why pet parents can not stay.

One in particular sticks with me… a family who had a geriatric cat, diagnosed with leukaemia. After much consultation, they could not bear the pain to be present, because, a year before, they lost their child… the child lost their battle with leukaemia. The cat grew up with the child, and now the parents were grieving the loss of their child all over again.

There is always more to the story. I don’t view these pet parents as cowards at all! I don’t think anyone can pass judgement on another.

And please know, the animals are never alone. Many vet team members, like me, will love and care for these babies during their transition from life to death. We treat them respectfully, they are not abandoned. We often talk and sing to them, feed them yummy food and give them gentle pats.

In my experience, more and more people stay with their fur babies, and it is the hardest thing to do. Sometimes, circumstances prevent us physically from being there. It may be an accident, or we might have to travel and not get to them in time, not to mention covid restrictions. so heartbreaking.

If family members decide they can not stay during the goodbye, (depending on what is age appropriate for children too) they may want to see them before and/or after they have passed.

Only you will know in that moment what is the “right thing to do for you” and your beautiful pet

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