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Big Boys Do Cry

Today I witnessed something sad, but yet beautiful and refreshing.

A young guy, in his 30’s absolutely let himself sob uncontrollably, because he had to say goodbye to his 15 year old companion. The dog that he grew up with. The dog that helped him through his darkest times. The companion that had been through many house moves, many jobs, even a few love interests.

His constant.

He was broken and hurting.

As a pet bereavement counsellor and vet nurse, I can’t “fix” the pain you feel.

But I can sit with you, be there for you, and listen to the stories of why you love this dear little creature as much as you do. And there are more and more of us now.

A whole Pet Loss Community. A grief club that no one wants to join, but somehow we band together and gather strength for those who are hurting.

It’s OK TO CRY!! It shouldn’t matter what gender you are.

Losing a pet is a big deal, and we got you

Photo Credit : Ladybug Art

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