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Behavioural Euthanasia

Behavioural Euthanasia... a very taboo topic, but it NEEDS to be discussed.

I am so very lucky to work with a behavioural Vet and an Amazing team of nurses, vets and dog trainers that understand that Behavioural Euthanasia is a form of treatment.

No one wants to euthanase a healthy animal. We have to understand that Aggression, Anxiety, dangerous and Self harming behaviours are signs of an unhealthy brain. Medication and training may help, but not always.

I know how difficult it can be to have an anxious and sometimes dangerous animal in the house. You become hyper vigilant and on edge, planning 5 steps ahead, with several ‘what if’ scenarios playing over in your head. So what are these poor animals dealing with?

Thankyou Carrie Kearns Pet Bereavement ACC Dip PBC, Cert Pet Bereavement BC for creating awareness about this topic.

My poor boy looking sad and anxious - I could not trust him around children, eldery people and eventually, other dogs

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