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Be Kind - I'm Grieving

How cool would it be if you could Wear something (like a big neon sign) instead of having to explain to people...

“Sorry I don’t want to go, I’m feeling a bit ‘Griefy’ today”

Not a way to push people away, but to let people know to be kind and gentle. To let them know you are feeling fragile today...

This arrived today in my letterbox all the way from Cincinnati, USA from my favourite Thanatologist, Cole Imperi.

Thanatology is the study of death and dying. Cole offers courses through the School of American Thanatology such as Thanabotany, and the one I completed last year to help support families with their impending loss.

And side note, many people believe that we should wear black to show others we are in a mourning period, but did you know that Lilac is often worn by grievers, transitioning between full mourning and ‘regular life’. Thankyou to my teacher - Cole Imperi

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