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A Conversation with Grief

This post may be a bit ‘Woowoo’ out there - I have been actively studying and learning about my own grief journey and would like to share a thought. My Grief is a bit like an unwanted, uninvited travel buddy, who doesn’t leave you alone. You know the one, He/she is always with you... stuck on that Contiki tour, they want to be your friend but you just can’t stand them! You didn’t ask for this guy to accompany you! If you could leave them at the unclaimed baggage area, you would right? My Grief is loud, obnoxious and wants to be heard. He doesn’t want to be invisible, he is a bit of an attention seeker. Let’s be frank, he’s a bit of a dick! 🍆 So I had a conversation with my grief.... “Look mate, I didn’t get a choice. I am stuck with you, and I realise we are going to be together for a long time, so there are going to be some rules, Ok? I am not ‘surrendering’ to you. You can accompany me, and live with me, but sometimes I need you to be quiet, allow me to think. I am not going to be ruled by you, and I will respect you if you respect me. I can’t say that we will ever be BFF’s, and this is all new for me, so let’s try to get along as best we can”. 💜

Open to your thoughts and comments... how do You feel about your Grief?

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