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The Raw, The Real, The Ugly Crying

The Raw, The Real, The Ugly Crying...

I am allowing myself to be vulnerable... #nofilter

This is a photo of Me and my kitty Calais... on the morning of his last day on earth.

He had a tumour growing on his backbone, and the cancer had spread to his lungs. He was only 11 years old... not That old for a cat.

I knew that the tumour was inoperable, and that Chemo and treatment was not going to help him, the tumour was pressing down onto his spine, his bones were so brittle, I was so lucky it didn't break his back! I remember the shock of hearing the news - he was only taken in because of a funny cough... Wait. What? You are telling me he has cancer?

I opted to take him home for the night following his x-rays so we could have a few more snuggles. I know I chose the kindest option - to have him euthanised. I wanted to take the pain so that he didn't have to.

I'm not sure why I asked my brother to take the photo... I had a crappy camera (and no fancy Iphone) so I don't have heaps of photos of my Calais man, but I am glad we took this one.

Losing a pet is so difficult... all I can say is, please know that it is Normal to grieve a beloved member of your family. Time doesn't necessarily make it "easier" but talking about it to people who "get it" does.

Thanks for letting me share a piece of me with you. 💜

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