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Z - Zen

Z - Zen 🕉 I will admit, this was the hardest topic to come up with. I wanted to stay authentic, and write from the heart, but not going to lie.. Z had me stumped. I nearly bypassed it all together. So my take on Zen, is to appreciate each and every moment you have with your pet. We are never given a guarantee on how long we will have with them. They are great teachers, we need to watch them and learn from them. 🐶 Dogs are so happy to see us, whether we have been away all day at work, or just ducked out of the room for 2 seconds! 🐱 Cats can be like ‘meh’ human, feed me, pat me... no, changed my mind, don’t pat me. Head boop. Don’t touch my belly... thanks for cleaning my litter box, I will allow you to scratch my neck. 🐰We may complain about the hair on our clothes and through the house, the drool on the floor, the legs in your back when you are trying to sleep, or the bum in face when you are on the computer! 🐴 Animals live in the moment, they are aloof and happy and grateful for the little things. I wish I could be more mindful and be less ‘Mind Full’ 📷 Picture credit: This is Bailey, a friend’s Australian Shepherd who featured in Houndstooth’s book, Zen Dogs. I hope you have enjoyed my A - Z topics, that they have been helpful and informative. A big shout out to Carrie Ball in the UK for the inspiration 💕

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