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V - Veterinary Staff

You may have seen the recent segment on ‘The Project’ about the alarming rate of veterinarians and vet staff committing suicide.

These people are highly educated and put enormous pressure on themselves to perform miracles.

Vets often have to go to one consult room and deliver bad news, then immediately after, act all happy to vaccinate a litter of puppies.

They work long hours, often not getting a lunch break, being bombarded by nurses asking them a mountain of questions, staying back after their shift, and the stress of performing surgery or helping with a difficult medical case. Then there are the emergencies to contend with.

Many believe ‘they get paid well for what they do’ but I can tell you the average wage of a new graduate vet after 5 years of study is between $45,000 to $60,000! We definitely don’t pursue this profession for the money!

Vets will often take their work home (sometimes literally by fostering kittens or transporting a patient to an emergency clinic). They call up on their day off to check how a patient is going. They really do have a heart of gold. And that heart does break when they feel they have ‘failed’ a patient or an owner, even though they did everything in their power.

So next time you are in the waiting room, and you have to wait an extra 5 minutes, spare a thought for your vet. You don’t know what they have just been through 💕

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