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U - Ugly Crying


Who’s cutting onions?? 😭

You could be the toughest, strongest Person, but if your pet gets sick, injured, goes missing or passes away, cue the ugly cry.

Crying of every type is welcome here.

After a good cry, most people feel calmer and more resilient since their tears literally just drained stress hormones from their bodies.

Crying is surrendering to what we are feeling in the moment. It could come from a series of ‘trigger stacking’ events (the straw that broke the camel’s back) ie, no milk in the fridge, your car breaks down, you stub your toe, you receive an abusive phone call, then wham! The tears are flowing.

So Embrace the running mascara and the panda eyes. Releasing your emotions is a healthy thing, bottling it up can be harmful.

#imnotcryingyourecrying 🐶🐱🦜🐴🐇🐭🦎

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