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Ever noticed how tv shows and movies gloss over death? It’s a taboo subject.

The actor is lying in the hospital bed (with the catheter in the wrong way...) with their loving partner by their side. They say their final words (something profound) and they drift off to sleep, with the beeping machines carefully turned off by the nursing staff. If only it was like that in real life!

I don’t have kids, but a friend recommended an episode of Bluey. It’s a tv program on ABC for Kids... I like it because it’s about a family of blue heelers (hence my obsession) who live in Queensland, Australia.

Bluey is always inventing games, in this episode she is playing ‘Copycat’ with her dad. She finds an injured bird and takes it to the vet... it’s really sweet and credit to the writers of the show that they introduce kids to the idea of death, without going too graphic and without pretending that the bird will ‘be ok’ and spring back to life. You can find the 7 minute episode on ABC iview.

Tv shows and movies are great at releasing emotion. What are your go to shows? 💙

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