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P - Pet Loss Support Group

P - Pet Loss Support Groups Many people feel out of their comfort zone, signing up or joining in with a group of strangers to discuss their feelings. Especially something as emotional and personal as Pet Loss. Together with Passing Paws and Lawnswood, I run a monthly pet loss support group for anyone in need. We keep the groups small (up to 6 people) so that everyone who attends will get a chance to participate. You can stay anonymous if you prefer, but I do encourage you to share your story, tell us about the life of your pet, the circumstances that bought you to the group and share photos, and memories. In my experience, the pet parents that attend, want validation that their feelings are normal, and they want someone to listen without judging. You may not be getting this support currently from family, friends or work colleagues. It's comforting to know you are not the only one feeling this way, and you may even make a connection with another attendee. I encourage anyone who would like to join us, to attend a group session. You may even be able to have a few laughs. I know of a few colleagues around Australia, the UK and USA who are offering similar support. I would love to see more support groups develop as I feel there is a real need for this in our community 💝 If you are interested, our next group will be held at Lawnswood, Malaga on Sunday 26th May at 1.30pm. Please feel free to get in touch if you are interested in attending 💜

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