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O - Over it!

O - Over it Aren’t you over it already?? 😱 ?? First of all... I am very sorry if someone has said this to you. I recently shared a Ted Talk clip from Nora McInerny, author of ‘The Hot Young Widows Club’. To quote Nora, “a grieving person will move forward, but that doesn’t mean they ‘move on’. ‘People would have been like, "Dude, get over it. It's been X amount of time." The fact is it's neither. You do not get over something. You do not move on from this. You move forward with this as just a part of who you are in your DNA. There's this relentless culture of positivity that is almost its own form of spirituality now. There are people selling bajillions of books that are basically like, "Just don't be sad and just get over it." And then it's like, "Bitch, how?" It's completely ignoring the reality of an experience and also the many additional systemic issues or biological issues that make that not feasible for most people. Also, I need the sadness. The sadness is important, the sadness is meaningful and it is not something that I am anxious to cure or push away.’ 🙌🏻 Check her out, she experienced three losses in the matter of weeks! I like that she can deliver her message with a bit of humour as well. Even though we are grieving, we are still allowed to laugh 💝 #noramcinerny

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