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N - Normal

N - Normal What is ‘Normal’? : Grief is a normal and natural response to loss. And everyone’s grief journey is different and individual. Normal experiences of grief include: 😢 Crying, feeling lonely, helpless, numb 🤕 Headaches, feeling exhausted 😴 Sleeping patterns change (sleeping more, or unable to sleep) 😞 Lack of energy 🧁 Changes in Appetite, not wanting to eat at all, or over indulging comfort foods 🧠 Difficulty concentrating on work or hobbies 👤 Withdrawing from social events This is where good meaning family and friends may tell us ‘to get over it and move on’. Easier said than done. Start off slowly. Start with getting a healthy meal in once a day, a salad or a protein shake. Do some light exercise or a hobby that you get joy from doing. Don’t force yourself to attend parties or gatherings, ease in slowly by catching up with a friend for a coffee (or wine) Mix up the routine, if you normally took your dog for a walk after work, finding something else to do, like watering the garden or practising some self care. We need time to adjust to ‘A New Normal’ - life after our pet’s passing. You will never forget your pet, but with time, and action, you will be able to cope with their absence. 💜

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