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Handbook. The Grief Recovery Method Pet Loss handbook to be exact. It’s no secret, I recommend this book to everyone I meet who is going through a pet loss journey. It just makes sense! The book has a few ‘homework’ modules which is really important to complete, to help recover from the sadness and the pain. You can get a copy from online shops such as: Amazon, Book Depository or Angus and Robertson’s. I do have some copies for sale if you would like one. The Grief Recovery Method was created over 30 years ago by two men who had experienced their own losses, both pets and People. I completed the Grief Recovery training about 3 years ago and I’m so glad I did, as it helped me shed 10 years of grief I was holding on to over my fathers death. I believe in the Grief Recovery Method 110%, I have seen it work first hand. 💝

#griefrecoverymethod #petlossperth #deathofapet

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