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D - Dreams, Hopes and Expectations

D - Dreams, Hopes and Expectations. When a life is cut short too soon, whether it be from an accident or an illness, or a pet goes missing, we are left holding on to the dreams, hopes and expectations. The letting go of a future that will never be. In my world, dreams, hopes and expectations show themselves most during milestone events and holidays. Like, “She was supposed to be here.” But I also get glimpses too in the everyday: “I expected her to always be there, under my feet, on the couch, or in her bed. We can feel robbed or cheated, bitter, angry or upset. We should have had more time with them to do x, y, z. When a pet dies, we are not only grieving their death, but also the loss of what could have been and the events we are going to miss out on with them. How they could have/should have lived a longer life. The loss is so hard to put into words. We need to pick up the shattered pieces of our heart, glue them back together, and somehow rewrite a new chapter without them. Sadly, we have no other choice. 💜

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