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How do you grieve for a pet you barely knew?

Bit of a back story:

On Monday, Opie and I went for a drive to a friends property. We had fun rolling in the sheep poo and swimming in the dam, and playing with the agility equipment.

When we were leaving, I thought to myself, Lawnswood Pet Cemetery isn't far from here, so I punched it into the GPS and sure enough, 20 mins away.

I'm not really sure why I felt the urge to take Opie there... but it would have a profound consequence. I like to take him to places that are quiet and not a lot of traffic from other animals, and I had been to Lawnswood before. It is so tranquil and peaceful, Perfect for what I was after. I thought we would just go for a nice walk together...


We are walking around, enjoying the beautiful rolling hills and wind gently blowing through the trees. We walked past many older pet graves, Opie was happy to sniff around and trot along beside me on his lead on the path.

He was pulling me into a section of the cemetery that I had not been previously. He made a bee line for a particular grave... that of Bella. He was sniffing, and nose digging at the grave, I made a comment to him, did you know her? (I will try and post the videos)

Mike Drop! I called the breeder on Wednesday and found out the grave that Opie was so interested in, was indeed his mum! So many things going through my mind. What were the chances of him leading me to her - of all dogs? Did he know it was her? Or was it just a random event. I have been feeling sad and emotional all day. The ‘what ifs’ creep on in there. Not to mention, how did she die? Will Opie go the same way? How long has he got left? It’s very common when we hear of a celebrity who has died, to have all these weird feelings. We didn’t know them personally, but they have impacted our lives by their music, art, talent, great charity work. So what can we do when we hear this kind of news? Well apart from giving a Opie extra tight hugs and talking to him about his mum, I have had a cry. I lit a candle in Miss Bella’s memory, I hugged Opie some more, and had another cry. As contradictory as this is, get off the social media. Have a break from looking at the quotes and the sad pictures. The 'could have beens', the hopes, dreams and expectations. Journal your feelings. By putting it down on paper, it is easier to process and stop going around in circles of thought. I only really met you twice and very briefly Bella, but you have made an impact in my life.

Rest in Peace - Sapphire Belle - Bella xxx

Rest In Peace Sapphire Belle - Bella 💙🌈🐾🐶

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