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Grief Myth - Replace the Loss

Sadly, I hear this one all the time...

I’m sorry for your loss, and in the next breath, ‘When are you getting another one?”

Children often say this out of love. They can see you are upset, so what would make you feel better? Another dog, cat, bird, horse, fish. A new pet would fill the void, the heartache, stop the tears, and distract you from the sadness.... wouldn’t it?

For many children, the loss of pet is their first encounter to death. To state, ‘it’s ok, on the weekend we will go to the shelter and find you a new one’ reinforces that pets can be replaced like a lost piece of jewellery.

Of course, we know this is not entirely true either.

My Nanna gave me a gorgeous blue costume jewellery ring and earrings set for my graduation present. I was in love with it because it looked like Lady Diana’s engagement ring. And because it was given to me from my Nanna, for my graduation, it had significant sentimental value.

When our house was broken into, and I noticed the jewellery had been stolen, how do you think I felt? I cried, I grieved because by this point, my Nanna had died, and it was gone.... Forever. Something I could never get back. It wasn’t that it was worth much, I even visited cash converters to see if the Robbers had hocked it! Of course, I have seen similar rings and earrings, but they could not give me back the love and feeling I had when I was wearing the ones from my Nanna 😔

Every relationship is special whether it be with a person or a pet. You may also find that each family member has their own reaction to the death and loss, based on the individual and unique relationship with that pet. Even though Siblings live together, they may grieve differently, some ‘move on’ quicker than others, maybe because they had less interaction with the pet. It wasn’t their responsibility to feed, or walk, or take to the vet. It all depending on who had more to do with the pet.

Just like you can never replace your Nan, or your jewellery, you can never Replace a beloved pet.

May they live on forever in your memories 🌈 🐾

Photo Credit : Cuddle Clones. They take a photo of your pet and can create a plush toy ‘Clone’.

Very clever people, and I have seen one first hand, eerily similar to the real animal.

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