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Grief Myths - Time Heals

How often have you heard the words ‘Time heals all wounds’ or “Grief just takes time”. If you are like me, you are left wondering... well how much time? Is there a time limit? It’s been over a year! How come I don’t feel better?

The truth is, time is going to pass regardless. It’s what you do with that time that helps with the healing process. Time will not heal a broken heart any faster than it will heal a broken leg.

With a broken leg, we seek medical treatment, you need xrays, possibly a cast, sometimes screws and plates. Then once the surgery is done, you need physio, pain medication, and you slowly build up the muscle around the bone and you get stronger, you can walk without crutches, but your leg is never really the same again after the trauma...

Similar with a broken heart. Action is key. Your heart will always have some scar tissue from your heartache, be it 1 week or 10 years after the loss of your pet.

Be kind to yourself and try not to put a time frame on how you should feel.


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