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It’s Ok Not To Be Ok

So, anyone that knows me, knows I'm not much of a reader. I was put onto this book by a friend and although it's not about grief per say, it has some pearlers of wisdom.

"There is no right or wrong way to grieve. If anyone tells you you're "supposed to" grieve for X length of time, ask them how they know that to be true?

"There are many rules in society that lead to misery, anxiety and depression that are just fallacies made up by some human in times gone by. These fallacies have become the rules yet are rooted in fear and the belief that suffering is somehow noble.

"If someone tells you there is a timeframe or puts any guilt trips on you, remember you are YOU. And they are THEM. And Guilt is the most Useless of all human emotions because we think it is a moral compass.... but it's not. The premise of guilt is that you are not good enough as you are so you Need Rules to be good. You have a heart and you are good with or without a compass"

Credit : Author Marilyn (Maz) Schirmer

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