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Quality of Life Scale

Today I helped a client assess, and use the Quality of Life scale for their emaciated (but still eating) doggo. The pet parents were not ready to say goodbye today. And that is ok! As long as the pet’s needs comes first. 🐾

We used the scale below and actually had a score of over 50. So the client decided to try some pain relief medication and palliative care. We know this poor little soul does not have long, however, we can make her as comfortable as possible for her to live her last days. And support her parents when ‘it is time’.

I personally have been affected by making a rash decision and ending one of my pet’s lives prematurely without proper guidance from a vet I thought I could trust (please note I am NOT VET shaming here, I work with some truly amazing people!) RIP Laser 🐱

Please keep this scale in mind if you are thinking about euthanasia or concerned your baby isn’t enjoying life at their fullest 💔

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