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The Death of a Pet Shouldn’t be Made Harder Than it Already is.

Today I was reading through some Pet Loss Support group pages and one of the posts upset me a little.

The post wasn’t intending to be hurtful, it simply stated that in an ideal world, ‘you should be there’ when your best friend passes over to rainbow bridge.

For some pet parents, unfortunately the choice is taken out of their hands. The pet may die at home or in a vet hospital setting, or may have had an accident.

I think the comment was aimed more for those that can’t, or choose not to be present at the euthanasia. I get it. It is the worst pain, saying goodbye to someone you love so very much.

Again, it may be because the owner was in hospital themselves, overseas and unable to get home, or that person may have had a horrible experience euthanising a previously loved baby and just can’t do it again.

All are valid reasons and it is not fair for us to judge others on the decisions that are right for the individual at the time. It does not mean that their little friend was loved any less.

I have sadly been involved in many euthanasias in my career as a vet nurse, and I make sure any of those wonderful animals get the love and respect they deserve on behalf of their parents who could not be present.

If you are one of those who sadly could not stay or chose not to, please know I respect your decisions free of judgement.

💕 Rest In Peace those beautiful souls who we have lost 💕

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