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Letter Of Love

This is my post for “Letter of Love” Day. I had to make the difficult decision to euthanasia my 16 year old Teagan Monster a few years ago. It was so hard, but I found by using the Quality of Life (QOL) scale, it just made sense and removed the guilt I was feeling. She was arthritic, was suffering from Renal disease and it just wasn’t fair on her to keep her alive for my selfish reasons. She was given pain medication but I could see when I looked into her eyes that she had had enough and wanted to go to Rainbow Bridge. I still miss her everyday and have wonderful memories of my Monster. I found writing my letter to her was very therapeutic. Of course there were lots of tears, and it took me a while and several attempts to complete it. I would encourage you all to write a letter to your babies, tell them how you feel, how much you miss them, sorry for letting them go, thank them for being awesome. Please feel free to share your letters with me if you would like to 💜 🌈 💜 🌈 💜 #RIPteagan #LetHerGoPassenger

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