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I - I’m fine!

Whether your day has been amazing or terrible, the answer is always the same: I’m fine, thanks. It satisfies the enquirer that they can move on with your chat.

Most grievers have been taught to plaster on a smile and say "I'm fine" when they really aren't.



The Grief Recovery Method Pet Loss handbook to be exact. 

It’s no secret, I recommend this book to everyone I meet who is going through a pet loss journey. 

It just makes sense! The book has a few ‘homework’ modules which is really important to complete,...

G: Guilt.. The big one. The topic most people struggle with. (And another long one) 

As I briefly mentioned in the last topic, the 5 stages of grief, guilt comes up as part of bargaining. The ‘What if’s and if only’s’, or the ‘could haves, would haves or should haves’...

F - Five Stages of Grief - this is a long one. 

Depending what you google... there are 5, 7 or up to 11 different stages of Grief 

Elizabeth Kübler-Ross, a Swiss psychiatrist, first introduced her five stage grief model in her book On Death and Dying. 

Dr Kübler-Ros...

May 9, 2019

The nasty E word. Euthanasia. 

The hardest decision a Pet Parent will ever have to make. Ideally, most people I speak to would prefer their pet to ‘go on their own terms’, to die peacefully in their sleep. Sadly this rarely happens. 

Having to make a choice for our p...

May 8, 2019

D - Dreams, Hopes and Expectations. 

When a life is cut short too soon, whether it be from an accident or an illness, or a pet goes missing, we are left holding on to the dreams, hopes and expectations. The letting go of a future that will never be. 

In my world, dre...

May 6, 2019

B - Broken Heart 💔 

Did you know... there is such a thing as Broken Heart Syndrome? 
It can cause chest pain, shortness of breath, and resembles the signs of having a heart attack. 

There is no quick fix to mend a broken heart, and to simply stop loving is not...

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