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Z - Zen 🕉

I will admit, this was the hardest topic to come up with. 
I wanted to stay authentic, and write from the heart, but not going to lie.. Z had me stumped. I nearly bypassed it all together. 

So my take on Zen, is to appreciate each and every moment you have...

Looking after yourself 

I know I sound repetitive, but putting yourself first is not selfish. It is essential. 

If you don’t look after yourself, you can’t look after others effectively. 

It sounds so cliche but it really is important. 

😴 Get some quality sleep.

X is for xoxo xxx 

Kisses and hugs. 

Hold on to those beautiful memories that you have of your pets. 
Look back lovingly on photos and video of them. 
The Facebook memories that pop up, the funny stories that you tell your “pet friends” 

Talk to them if you have the...

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